Sustainability in Smart Parking Solutions

17 October 2021
Anindya Mutsuddy


It’s no secret that vehicle emissions are on the rise, even though we’re all working to reduce the use of non-electric vehicles, and reducing our overall carbon footprint. Optimising the car park structure, implementing smart parking solutions, facilities for electric cars, encouraging cashless/mobile payments are just a few of the apparent solutions you can implement for long term sustainability. What else can be done from a sustainability standpoint?

Data and more

One way to reduce these emissions is to find parking spaces in as little time as possible and as efficiently as possible. That’s where solutions provided by Simplyture come into play, making use of occupancy data from wherever the solutions are implemented. So, how is this data used?

The short answer is aggregation. Think about it. Aggregating all of this data, gives us insights into vehicle management, timings etc. Directly, the data can be used to provide us with signage, vacant lots, stalls in use, and so on and so forth. This in turn, can be used to provide customers with relevant information regarding parking spots, thereby decreasing the numbers that congest a given urban street. Neat, right?

Even 5 years back, something like this would have been exceedingly difficult to implement. More so when trying to extract data from all these automated platforms and gathering them into one place. However, the rise in the use of the internet, and ready access to Internet of Things solutions, it’s pretty much a given that parking data can be collected and used across the various facets of the industry. Everything around us is becoming interconnected, and with that, we’ve the availability of data that can be used to help people reduce their carbon impact and reduce emissions.

For example, with this data from automated parking spaces, and combining that with a solution like Simplyture, a person can safely and efficiently navigate directly into an empty parking spot at his destination.