How You Can Transform Your Teeth Issues With Invisalign

31 July 2021
Oreoluwa Lawal
How You Can Transform Your Teeth Issues With Invisalign

Since the invisible aligners became an alternative to braces, many people have argued about the misalignment issues it could fix. Do you secretly dread if they are a perfect option for your teeth alignment? No pressure there! Here’s a list of teeth misalignment issues the invisible aligners are able to fix.


The open bite is a misalignment condition where the upper teeth do not meet the lower teeth. It is an embarrassing condition since it can hurt the look of a smile. But guess what? The condition is easy to fix with the invisible aligners.

Crowded teeth

Having crowded teeth is not healthy and can cause gum diseases, mouth pain, and bite problems. A crowded tooth in a small mouth is easy to treat with invisible aligners.


In an overbite, the upper teeth come in front of the lower teeth and make eating difficult. Overbite is a common condition caused by the structure of the jaw. Sometimes, it could also be genetic. Still, a professional Invisalign treatment can fix the condition.


With the upper teeth behind the lower teeth, an underbite can affect how an individual talk. It is considered the most embarrassing teeth condition since it causes a bulldog like appearance in the mouth. Invisalign aligners can fix mild and severe underbite issues if conducted by a trained orthodontist.

Gapped teeth

Too many gaps in the teeth can bring discomfort when eating. People with many spaces in the teeth are also vulnerable to gum diseases. The invisible aligners can fix gapped teeth if the gaps are not in excess.

While the invisible aligners could fix many teeth misalignment, the shape of your teeth must be put into consideration. It is the point where you need to consult an orthodontist to evaluate your oral health for an Invisalign treatment.