Advantages of double glazed windows for your home

31 July 2021
Veruska Ortega
Advantages of double glazed windows for your home

In every home, windows are a fundamental element, not only from the point of view of the brightness of the space or ventilation.

If you are thinking of refurbishing your home by implementing a new window, there are very resistant glasses that do not compromise the entry of light and also offer superior insulation. One of the most popular types is double glazing, which has recently become very popular due to its many benefits, which we will discuss below.


What are double glazed windows like?

Unlike conventional glass, double glazed windows have two layers of glass, separated by a sealed inert gas zone that allows the assembly to be airtight because the chamber in the middle of the two panes is filled with dry air. 


Advantages of double glazed windows

Thermal insulation: These windows keep the heat inside the house without any leakage. This saves heating energy.

Less noise: The sound insulation is produced by the three layers that make up these windows, two layers of glass and one layer of air, which act as a brake on sound waves. This greatly reduces noise pollution, especially in places with heavy traffic or crowds of people.

Reduction of condensation: Condensation is generated in spaces where there is a strong temperature contrast. With double glazed windows, this problem disappears and the thermal sensation inside the home is reduced.

Greater security: This type of window offers greater resistance and durability than conventional windows, given that it is extremely difficult to break these panes with a blow. This quality reduces accidents and the entry of intruders.

Dampens the effects of the sun: The different layers of these windows reduce the damage caused by the sun’s rays, allowing natural light to enter without fear that furniture and other objects will be damaged by the effect of ultraviolet rays.

Lower environmental impact: Double glazed windows allow for greater sustainability in homes due to their high insulation and lower energy consumption. Also, they are made with materials that can be recycled, reducing the impact on the environment that is generated in the manufacture of new glass.

In addition to the advantages already mentioned, they have a wide variety of models of different thicknesses and designs in that adapt to the preferences and needs of each space, making it the best option to give a new and comfortable look to our home.

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